MTTI Education for Employment

Accreditation Comments

Quotes from the 2010 ACCSC on-site evaluation report

“…it was quite evident that the school has established among all its employees a culture of the importance of providing its students with the very best possible services.”

“…graduation and employment percentages have been over 80% since 2007.”

“The main objective, to offer quality technical training programs is achieved by instructors who have extensive industry experience and are totally committed to meeting students’ needs…the team observed a close relationship and effective interaction between faculty and students.”

“Student surveys indicate 99% of those surveyed felt good about the instructor’s command of the subject, presentation of subject and they believed instructors were interested in student’s individual progress.”

“During the on-site evaluation, the team surveyed 26% (54 of 203) of the enrolled student body and found that 100% of those survey indicated they felt good about their decision to attend the school and 100% would recommend the school to a friend.”

Summary of written comments from students surveyed who were enrolled at the time of the on-site survey:

“Everyone at MTTI is always happy and smiling. Makes me feel like I belong and always ready to start my day.”

“I really enjoy the school and it’s everything I was looking for…”

“…I’ve never felt so much support from a teacher. I wouldn’t want to go to another school.” –Medical Assistant student

“…The owners of the school are very nice and you can always find them if you need help.”

“Great school…all three automotive instructors are knowledgeable and help out a lot.”

“The (automotive) shops seem to have everything we could need.”

“My instructors are well-prepared and I think my experience at MTTI is one of the best experiences of my life.” ---Motorcycle Technician student