MTTI Education for Employment

MTTI Community Pages for Employers and Service Providers

The following pages have free listings for employers and service providers in our community. Listings are organized by industry. Each employer listed has provided exceptional service to MTTI students and graduates by interning or hiring, or by participation on Program Advisory Committees.

The list is growing every day. We encourage you to return to this page to find companies whose products and services interest you. Employers who have interned or hired MTTI students / graduates are invited to list their contact information and a website link. To request a free listing and link, please contact Susanne Wissell, Community Relations & Media:

Share Our Success!

It takes the combined efforts of talented MTTI instructors and dedicated professionals like you to prepare students for a new career. During 2013-2014 we will feature photographs and stories about graduates at work--and the organizations they work for.

Why not share an encouraging story about your organization's success? Stories about organizations that have hired in a challenging economy encourage everyone in the community--and place your organization in a positive light!

Check back soon to see employer/graduate stories. To share your organization's story, contact


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